Welcome to the Balanced Donut

Thank you all SO much for stopping by my page and reading my blog posts.  Where did The Balanced Donut come from? Well, I am an avid believer in balance in your life; whether it be with your job, school, fitness, relationships with people and even food.

Annddddd I have an obsession with donuts.  Chocolate glazed, honey glazed, Oreo, Reese’s, Peanut Butter & Jelly donut, Strawberry Sprinkle donut, Chocolate Jimmies donut.  Literally any kind of donut you can think of I am obsessed…

*Mouth is currently watering*

You need to have total balance in every aspect of your life to live happily; or so I believe.  I used to be a fitness competitor and if anyone knows what the diet is like for a fitness competitor…balance was not in the vocabulary. But going through that journey has taught me a lot about balance in my every day life when I struggled with it for so long.

What will you find at The Balanced Donut? You will find fitness, health, nutrition, and lifestyle tips. I want my readers to feel engaged and learn something new!

Your happiest self comes from a balanced lifestyle, so if you are wanting your dream body but also want a donut…EAT THE DAMN DONUT.

Balance is key.

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Much Love,