My First Orange Theory Class

My friend, Tayla, has been begging me to try an Orange Theory class with her.  And for those of you who do not know what Orange Theory is…it’s basically death.  Just kidding, it is 60-minute group heart rate based interval training.  The workouts are designed to maintain a target zone that stimulates metabolism and increases energy.  Essentially, it is one huge HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout class for 60 minutes NON-STOP. NON FREAKING STOP.  In 60 minutes I burned 688 calories, my heart rate was 200 the entire time, and the day after I was extremely sore.

Now, I am super active and I always have been, so when Tayla told me how intense these Orange Theory classes were, I figured I would be fine.  I was not fine.


That is an exaggeration but it was the most intense workout I have ever endured.  The first 20 minutes we did an inclined treadmill sprinting session which was a struggle for me because I am not used to sprinting.  The next 20 minutes we were on the rowing machine, we had to row 100 meters and then do 20 jumping jacks holding a weighted medicine ball above our heads.  The last 20 minutes, we did a HIIT workout: box jumps, squats, pushups, plank jacks, and then burpees.  Towards the end of the HIIT workout I felt like I was going to pass out; my chest was tight, my body was all tingly, my head was fuzzy, and I was shaking but I refused to quit…mainly because I do not quit on anything and the trainer of the class was wicked cute LOL. But you do not stop the whole time; do not get any breaks except for like a one second water break.

I honestly really loved this type of workout though because I am so not the type of person to do this training style.  My workout regimen is lifting 6 days a week with 2-3 days walking on the treadmill or stair master, so this was a great change for me.  It also made me realize that I am not very aerobically inclined like at all.  I was breathing like I was 700 pounds and felt like I was going to drop dead at any second, but, that is the best feeling to me.  I absolutely killed the workout and I felt so accomplished after because I completed the ENTIRE workout!

My take away from an Orange Theory class: it was the most intense workout I have ever done but I am so glad I tried it because it was the best workout class.  I recommend it to anyone and everyone no matter what level you are at in your fitness journey!

Much Love,


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