11 Fitness Quotes to Help You Get Moving


To become successful in life, in the gym, in your relationships, etc. you must consistently continue to put in work, effort, and everything that you have inside of you.  Consistency is key.


Progress doesn’t happen over night.  It takes patients and hard work; but if you keep pushing through, in three months from the start of your journey you will be so thankful you did not give up.


And…progress comes slowly but surely!  Everyone makes small progress and changes each week, but it is hard to see the small changes daily or even weekly.  I love taking progress photos each week because I am able to look back and see the progress I have made but have not been able to see on a daily basis!


Food is the best, but it can be our worst enemy and addiction.  We often times let food take over, and we binge too much, eat too many donuts, drink too much wine, and then hate ourselves after.  Eat what you want when you want because you deserve it but don’t allow yourself to feel bad after it. It is OKAY to cheat and enjoy yourself.


DRINK YOUR WATER PEOPLE. Our body is made up of 50-75% water!!! Which means…..we need a lot of water to be able to LIVE.  Water is the HOLY GRAIL of health.  It flushes toxins, reduces bloat, clears skin, helps hunger control, and makes your kidneys wicked happy.


Do this for YOU and only YOU.  Many people will go on “diets” but then will fall off because the type of diet they go on is not sustainable.  Set goals to better your physical and mental health, to become a better you all around, and to create a healthy lifestyle.


It doesn’t matter who you were in the past, what matters is that you persevere and have the drive to better yourself from who you used to be.  Remember, do this for YOU, no one else.


Our bodies are powerful things, but our minds are the things that work against us.  Our minds tell us we aren’t good enough, we aren’t skinny enough, we aren’t fit enough, we aren’t enough.  But once you train your mind to think positively, you will come out on top.


Do not compare yourself to others, you are not the man or woman next to you.  You are your own person with your own goals and aspirations.  Continue to do things for yourself and only for yourself because your hard will pay off.  Just because someone may be able to lift more or achieve their goals faster does not depreciate the hard work you put in every single day.


No matter what, on the good days, bad days, rainy days, sunny days you HAVE to keep going, keep pushing, and stay strong.  You can overcome any obstacle that comes in your way and even though you are mentally exhausted you can push through and come out on top EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.


Nothing in life is perfect and no one is perfect.  If you put in constant effort you will be rewarded. Be patient and trust the journey.

Much Love,


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