10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

Who am I?

You stumbled on to my page, I am assuming, because you are interested in fitness, nutrition, overall health, etc. and my About Me page says a little bit of who I am, but not in depth.  So here are a few facts about me that many people probably do not know!

  1. I have been enrolled in four different colleges in four years. I can’t make up my mind…clearly LOL.  I was committed to Quinnipiac University in the ultrasound program and decided to stay home the first week of classes.  I then went to Middlesex Community College for ultrasound, until I realized I no longer wanted to do that.  Then, I went to Salem State University as a Pre-Med student wanting to become a Physicians Assistant; didn’t want to do that either.  And I am now at North Shore Community College studying nutrition and continuing my education at Simmons College to become an RD. (I get bored easily, can you tell?)
  2. I have a blood gene mutation. I produce too much prothrombin (a protein in your blood) causing your blood to easily create blood clots. I found this out in April 2017 when I was laying in bed one night and got this really odd chest pain and shortness of breath that turned into my left arm going completely numb.  After going to the ER, having CT scans and blood tests, the ER doctor found a blood clot in my lung (scariest sh*t ever).  It is now an everyday life concern (but hey, it’s LIFE).
  3. I love to travel. One of my goals in life is to travel to as many places as possible.  I have been to many U.S. states all along the East Coast and a few over on the West Coast.  I have also been to Saint Maarten, Punta Cana, and the Bahamas.  My dream is to visit Italy, Greece, and other countries in Europe.
  4. I buy books and never read them. I have tried forcing myself to enjoy reading, but I truthfully dislike it very much.  I buy books hoping that I will fall in love with reading.  I find it hard for me to sit down and read a book, but I will read blogs and articles?? I don’t know, very strange of me.
  5. I have been on the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the WORLD. The Kingda Ka at Six Flags in New Jersey.  The second I sat down on the ride and was locked in, I started bawling my eyes out.  I don’t remember any of it because I had my eyes closed the whole time but it was the most thrilling feeling I have ever had.
  6. The one time I went on a rope swing, I fell off of it.  Let me tell you…this rope swing was so ridiculously high and I was so nervous.  I finally got the courage to jump off and the second I jumped, I let my feet hang and my body dragged against the rocky ground,  I didn’t let go though, I continued to hold on and slammed into a huge tree.  I didn’t feel anything, though, because my adrenaline was so high it masked the pain.
  7. My biggest fear is snakes. I’ve never had a bad encounter with a snake to make me fear them, but I just absolutely DESPISE snakes.  Seeing one literally makes my skin crawl, and I can’t go down the reptile isle at the pet store because I get the worst anxiety thinking the snake is going to slither out and attack me.  They’re wicked scary…okay?
  8. I have two tattoos. My first one says Famiglia Sempré which means Family Always in Italian.  And my second one says “you love all my dark.” It is the second part of a quote “You see all my light, you love all my dark.” And my best friend has the first part of the quote. I thought my parents were going to murder me when they found out, but here I am alive (HA!)
  9. I am extremely insecure about my height. I am 5’7”, which probably doesn’t seem tall to many, but I feel like a giant and I hate it.
  10. I danced for 15 years. I started dancing when I was 3 years old until my last year of high school.  I did tap (my favorite), ballet, jazz, kick line, hip hop, and lyrical.

I hope you guys learned something new about me and maybe you can even relate!

Much Love,


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