What I’ve Learned About Life So Far

Life is a journey; it is exciting, nerve-wracking, exhilarating, sometimes upsetting and can be intense, it is growth, it is change, it is happiness and love. Life to one may have a different meaning than the next person, but what each of our lives has in common, is that it is a learning experience. Everything … Continue reading What I’ve Learned About Life So Far

How to Get Back In the Gym After A Couple of Months Off

One of the most difficult things is trying to get back to the gym after taking a couple of months off. This just recently happened to me. After my two shows in April, my body was so exhausted from my 6 month prep that I stopped going to the gym. I am a person who … Continue reading How to Get Back In the Gym After A Couple of Months Off

Drink All the Water!!!

Water is absolutely ESSENTIAL... 60% of our body is made up of water and our blood is made up of 90% water. Have a headache? Drink water. Feel nauseous? Drink water. Breaking out? Drink water. Feel lightheaded? Drink water. You drank a lot of water today? Drink more water. Your water intake is so incredibly … Continue reading Drink All the Water!!!

Superfood So Good 4 U

What is a "Superfood?" A superfood isn't necessarily considered a food group and nutritionally speaking, there is no such thing.  But, in the health world right now superfoods are really popular!  'Superfood' is a term for foods that have health benefits and are deemed to be nutrient dense.  SO MUCH HEALTH!!! There are foods out … Continue reading Superfood So Good 4 U