Tips for Healthy Food Shopping On A Budget

Everyone wants to eat healthy, but healthy eating is often paired with expensive grocery shopping. While, this is true, it has become an excuse many people seem to use. Grocery shopping for healthy foods CAN be done on a budget and I have created a short list of ways to help you!

  1. Purchase in Bulk – Buying in bulk is key to get the most for your money! I will buy my vegetables and meats in bulk, I will blanch my veggies, and freeze them and the meat! Whenever I feel like having my veggies or cooking meat, I will take them out of the freezer to defrost. So next time your chicken is on sale, buy in bulk and freeze it!!
  2. Prepare Your Own Food – We all get lazy and buy things precut for the convenience of it. But buying your veggies, fruit, and meats chopped and packaged, you are paying more for the actual labor and convenience.
  3. Shop Around – Different grocery stores have different deals each week, and depending on what the item is, it can really save you some money!
  4. Shop On A Full Stomach – I know we hear this all of the time but it really helps! We won’t be more apt to buy extra food if we are full.
  5. Plan Before – It is really helpful to write down a grocery list. You go into the store with one mission and it is to check off everything on your grocery list, nothing else. Get in and get out.
  6. Stray From Variety – We all love variety, it keeps things fun, new, and we never get bored eating the same thing. But, variety can get expensive. Try sticking to the basics for the week, and buy them in bulk before you go back to the grocery store. Then switch things up for the next week!

If you can think of other tips to save money while healthy grocery shopping, leave a comment below!

Much Love,

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