I Tried J.Lo and A-Rods 10 Day No Carb, No Sugar Challenge

I have seen a lot of J.Lo and A-Rods 10 Day No Carb, No Sugar challenge. I follow J.Lo on Instagram and her results from this challenge were amazing. J.Lo is an incredible human being and anything she does is perfect (luv luv luv her) so I was intrigued by this. Although this challenge went against everything I believe in, because I live a very balanced lifestyle, I wanted to try it anyways because it was just ONLY 10 days. I believe in sustainability and longevity when it comes to health and fitness, but knowing this was only 10 days, I was okay with trying it. I had no intentions of continuing this for any longer than the 10 days; I genuinely just wanted to see how my body reacted when I took out carbs and sugar entirely.

Welp, I lasted five days.

In those five days though, I felt COMPLETELY different. I was less bloated, lost some weight(which was just water weight), but I felt really, really awesome. I made my meals really fun so I never felt like I was “missing out.”

I easily could have gone the whole 10 days but on day six, I was persuaded into having the best pizza ever and I caved (UGH). The next day, I went back on the challenge for about two days and it happened again and this time I had ice cream and some wine…


I don’t know where the girl who was so strict for 6 months on prep went but she ain’t here no more.

When that happened I felt totally defeated. I became that overly obsessed girl again who internally beat herself up over her temptations. I have struggled to overcome that mentality for such a long time and I finally did over the summer. So this just showed how fast that mentality can come back and how hard it can hit you. It took me a couple of days to bounce back from that funk and stop beating myself up over me giving into my temptations.

I created a plan fully tailored to me personally. This is what my plan looked like for the 10 days:

I made sure to have a high protein, high fat, high veggie plan so I was able to get my energy from the high fats.

Would I recommend this challenge? If you are an obsessive person like I am with fitness and nutrition, I would say no. I over analyzed everything, making sure I was getting in enough time to prep everything and getting all of the right macros in, I went back to being anxious over meal times and missed meals, and it was too much for me.

Back to balance where I am happiest!

Much Love,


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