Dietitian VS. Nutritionist

Literally anyone in the whole entire world can call themselves a nutritionist. The person sitting next to you can call themselves a nutritionist, a personal trainer who took a few nutrition courses, or a person you met over the weekend can call themselves a nutritionist. While these people may have taken a few nutrition courses and have a grasp on what macros are, does not make them a Registered Dietitian. 

Nutrition is NOT a “one size fits all” approach. What works for me is not going to work for you, and what works for you will not work for someone else.  And you may find that a lot of “influencers” you follow believe in that approach.  Or, maybe they don’t and their website claims “nutrition is not a one size fit all” approach, but the difference is, is the dietitians have a strong scientific background to back up their nutrition education.

You will see your favorite influencers selling their nutrition guides because they’re wicked #fit in the gym. Except when you purchase their nutrition guides and you find yourself depleting carbs, all nutrients because the diet is super restrictive, and your favorite “nutrition influencer” sells skinny tea, you’ll realize what they prescribed you probably…most definitely isn’t going to work!

If you find yourself wanting to know more about nutrition or how to get yourself more nutritionally healthy, do your research and find someone who is either a Dietetics student (hi me!) or nationally registered to pick their brain before you buy someone’s fad diet they can’t back up by science. 

Bachelors Degree from and accredited universityZero qualifications are required
Dietetic InternshipANYONE can call themselves a nutritionist
Sit for the National Exam
Licensure and maintain credentials

That’s all.

Much Love,


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