Frozen Yogurt or Ice Cream – Which One Is Healthier?

Froyo has a large market because ice cream is extremely popular. We are always trying to treat ourselves without the guilt. Remember going to the nearest froyo bar in your town? You could put as much froyo as you wanted in your cup and add any yummy topping you wanted?!

Exactly how much healthier is froyo?

So, what is the difference between froyo and ice cream?

Both ice cream and froyo are milk-based products, so the amount of protein is roughly the same (despite the choice in flavors and add-ins).

However, milk is made with milk fat which contributes to its higher fat content. The milk fat makes the ice cream have its creamy texture to it.

Frozen yogurt is made with milk fermented with yogurt cultures which makes it low-fat. On the other hand though, fat gives the ice cream flavor, and due to froyo being low-fat, it has to get its flavor somehow. Sugar is added to compensate for the creamy texture and to add flavor.

When going to a frozen yogurt bar, I can guarantee many of you don’t opt for the plain Greek yogurt. I know, for myself at least, I want the chocolate froyo and add Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups on top, with fudge, and some cookie dough which adds a TON of added sugar. So healthy froyo is thrown out of the window completely!!

You can make frozen yogurt relatively healthy.

Of course we all want to indulge every so often (or more often than we probably should…GUILTY!) But, when choosing to have frozen yogurt over ice cream because you want to make a healthier choice, opt for the one that has the least amount of sugar. And, don’t let the size of the cup fool you, a proper serving size is half of a cup…..once you realize what a half of a cup actually is, you’ll cry. I eat 3x that when I have ice cream!!!!

Once you have your base froyo, add fresh fruit, nuts or all-natural peanut butter, and if you want to add sweetness, add a drizzle of honey! I also love adding dark chocolate chips to mine! Chocolate has its benefits too…in moderation!

Do you pick ice cream or frozen yogurt?

Ultimately, if you are looking to indulge, eat the damn ice cream! Stop pretending that froyo will satisfy your ice cream needs! But, if you are wanting to eat ice cream and are trying to make healthier choices, froyo is a great option too!

Much Love,


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